All Things Real Estate: Second Hour - November 3, 2019

All Things Real Estate Image for All Things Real Estate: Second Hour - November 3, 2019

In the second hour of the show, Jeff Brown, Owner of WIN Home Inspection, and his guests will offer their monthly broadcast on a variety of home inspection and maintenance issues important to home owners, buyers and sellers, as well as a discussion about the state of the local real estate market.

Joining Jeff in a special broadcast is Praful Mittal, the Chief Executive Officer of WIN Home Inspection. Mr. Mittal—who joined Jeff for an initial interview in February—is the CEO of WIN Home Inspection, which is one of the largest franchisors of home inspection services, with presence in 32 states. WIN Home Inspection is a highly recognized company, with a number of awards including Entrepreneur Top 500 Franchises, Entrepreneur Best Franchises For Veterans, Entrepreneur Best Low Cost Franchises, and America’s Best Franchises. Previously, he led an investment firm that makes long-term investments in privately owned businesses, and has advised some of the largest and fastest growing companies on strategies for growth and execution. Mr. Mittal received his MBA from Sloan School at MIT, and he has additional degrees in engineering and computer science.

Home Inspector’s Tip: WIN Home Inspection team member Matt Rivera will offer his monthly home inspector tip, which is designed to help property owners identify and avoid major problems within their home. WIN is well known for providing comprehensive, experienced, and professional home inspections, with the goal of helping to make the real estate transaction process go smoothly. Buyers can make an informed decision on the home they are purchasing, as well as planning for upgrades down the road, while sellers who obtain a pre-inspection can often see their listing sell more quickly.