All Things Real Estate: Second Hour - September 15, 2019

All Things Real Estate Image for All Things Real Estate: Second Hour - September 15, 2019

In the second hour of the show, join Rey and his guests for a continuation of the “This Is Taos” show series, giving additional focus to the many reasons why people find the historic northern New Mexico town a desirable destination to visit, as well as to own a home. 

Taos Ski Valley CEO Report: As Rey’s initial guest during the second hour broadcast—and to share his observations about the important relationship that the Taos Ski Valley (TSV) has with the people of northern New Mexico—is David Norden, Chief Executive Officer of TSV. David will offer an update on what visitors to TSV are enjoying at the mountain resort this fall, as well as throughout the year. Among other things, Rey and David will discuss the mountain resort's highly regarded Speaker Series program. This special initiative has the aim of deepening and enhancing an understanding of TSV and the larger community. The program has invited over 40 organizations and individuals who make Taos "Taos." From astronauts, to quartets, and anglers, each week the program is designed to teach a little more about what makes Taos unique, and how to keep it that way. Since July 2016, David has brought his highly regarded and extensive ski industry experience to the role of managing all of the existing operations of this multi-season resort destination. TSV is the first major ski resort to become a certified B Corp. This certification helps ensure that TSV meets the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, sustainability, public transparency and legal accountability. Becoming a B Corp also means that the long-held values of inclusion, sustainability, and respect for all are validated.

Taos Director of Marketing and Tourism Review: Joining Rey as a special guest on the show, is the Director of Marketing and Tourism for the Town of Taos, Ms. Karina Armijo, who will speak to the variety of attractions that make the town a special destination; why the town serves as a desirable destination for home buying; the multitude of activities the town offers to consumers this fall; as well as some background on her role as a member of the management team in Taos government. Chosen by Taos Town Manager Rick Bellis and Mayor Dan Barrone to fill the position of overseeing the town’s marketing and tourism activities, Karina is a well-respected professional who is characterized by the publication taoStyle as "very approachable, a good listener who holds the concerns of the community close to her heart." An article in The Taos News offers some perspective on the approach that Karina takes in her work to promote all of the positive elements of Taos.

Taos Ski Valley Real Estate Report: Leslie Campbell, Director of Sales/Real Estate for TSV, will offer information on the Blake Residences, 24 extraordinary and fully appointed slopeside residences that are a major part of the revitalization of the mountain resort. Leslie will reflect on the highly successful spring and summer seasons enjoyed by the mountain resort, and will also extend the invitation for people to take advantage of what is offered at TSV in the fall.

Michael Hawkins, Guest Services Supervisor at The Blake hotel, is bringing his experience as a former professional photographer to the remote broadcast. Specializing in portraiture and architecture/real estate photography, Michael will capture the images of Rey’s guest commentators, all of which will be posted to the “News” section on