Art Fusion: April 20, 2017

Art Fusion - April 20, 2017

Visual Artist: Dan McBride

D A N   M C B R I D E

“At the age of six, I sold my first painting for $100. From this experience, I realized that I could achieve a successful life, both financially and spiritually, by doing something I really loved doing. My passion for making art, has and continues to prove that realization to be true.

As an artist, I am basically self-taught.  As a student at Arizona State University, I was profoundly influenced by, and fortunate to have studied with artist/mentor Fritz Scholder.  His way of painting was fast, spontaneous, gutsy, deliberate, and elegantly raw. Watching him work, I instinctively knew that this is how I wanted to paint.  Adopting his approach has greatly assisted me in keeping my critical mind at bay, an important factor in producing a successful painting.”

A longtime resident of Santa Fe, McBride's work reflects the deep culture, and the stark beauty of the landscape that surrounds him. In his current investigations of New Abstract Expressionism, he consistently pushes the boundaries of this territory further into lyric, almost romantic worlds where every spontaneous mark and gesture is fraught with peril and immense possibility. Relying on force of intuition, rather than narration, his destinations on canvas are unknown and the resolutions are confident, alive and unexpected.                                                                         

McBride’s remarkable body of work has gained him an international following, a distinguished collector list, and the respect and admiration of his fellow artist's and peers.

“To live a creatively productive life” by Dan McBride

To live a creatively productive and fulfilling life as an artist, you must lose your fear of being wrong,   and fearlessly embrace the unknown.  This is where your true self,  and all the surprises that transform and delight await your arrival. If you sincerely desire this, know that it can be achieved. Because the force that guides the stars,  guides you too.




Singer/Songwriter: Tasha Curtis

Kicking around “Dirtpit Manor” (as her father’s homestead was

affectionately called) as a teenager in the Pacific Northwest, Tasha

became greatly influenced by scores of artists from her father’s vast

record collection, including Emmylou Harris, Bob Dylan, Waylon Jennings,

Jerry Jeff Walker, amongst many others. Heard from the living room,

there was always an album spinning on the turntable and the house rule

was that both sides of the LP had to be played before moving on to the

next album, so these songs and artists Tasha heard became internalized

and further developed into a deep love for these works of art.

As a young adult, Tasha headed east to Boston where she volunteered at

public radio station WUMB-FM, reviewing music for airplay. The station

format was folk/singer-songwriter by day, with burgeoning songwriters

the bedrock of the format. It was the 80’s and Boston, known as a

singer-songwriter hub, had a thriving scene of up and coming artists,

including the likes of Shawn Colvin, Cheryl Wheeler and John Gorka.

Tasha’s favorite excursion on the weekends was to head to Cambridge,

for shows at Passim in Harvard Square.

Relocating to the Southwest in the early 90’s, Tasha began her radio

career, and while working in sales, always kept her ear to the ground for

emerging artists in the singer-songwriters/alt-country and roots

genres. She was fortunate to work in Triple A radio formats, which

broadened her exposure to new artists. She was thrilled to meet many of

her heroes, including Shawn Colvin, Lucinda Williams, the Indigo Girls,

Emmylou Harris, Ani DiFranco and Jackson Browne.

In 2009, Tasha took a voice class with music instructor Lisa Carman.

While she had always had the desire to perform, the stars seemed to

align, and between the gifted teachings of her instructor and the

camaraderie of her classmates, there arose real opportunities to perform

in a larger capacity. What appeals to her most in singing is the capacity

to elicit emotion and connect with others through song.

She began singing professionally with the band Half-Broke Horses in

2010, The group performs regularly at venues in Santa Fe and is

available for private bookings as well. Tasha has also begun writing

songs, and belongs to a small group of local songwriters.