Art Fusion: April 20, 2019 Visual Artist: Lynn Paulson Singer/songwriter: Jessie Deluxe

Art Fusion Image for Art Fusion: April 20, 2019 Visual Artist: Lynn Paulson Singer/songwriter: Jessie Deluxe

Visual Artist: Lynn Paulson

In 2010, Dr. Lynn E. Paulson left a 25-year career as a college professor (writing, communication and women’s studies) to become a life coach for women.

“Too many of the young women in my classrooms were suffering from low self-esteem. They were depressed. They were drinking a lot. They were in unhealthy relationships. They were holding themselves back. When they looked in the mirror, they didn’t see the magnificence and power that I saw. Like many young women living in the post-industrialized west they thought feminism was “so over” and had nothing to offer them. Women my age weren’t doing all that much better. I decided to tackle this problem directly.”

In addition to coaching, Dr. Paulson began doing motivational speaking about female empowerment while writing and illustrating her newly released book for women, Be Her Now.

“Be Her Now is a highly irreverent look at female empowerment that turns conventional self-help for women on its head. I give the boot to prescribed, one-size-fits-all programs because programming is the problem. Instead, Be Her Now combines blunt, rapid-fire text with comic illustrations that invites women to stop thinking of themselves as broken. In Be Her Now I challenge the reader to bring her full game to the table, right now, however imperfectly. Making the woman she is inside and the woman she presents to the world the same person is not only the right of every woman. It is her deepest, and first, responsibility. It is something we need urgently.

Although Lynn’s preferred medium is the written word, she paints and draws cartoons. Her website is (don’t fu** it up by trying to be someone else). Print and e-versions of Be Her Now are available on Amazon.

Singer/songwriter: Jessie Deluxe

Fiery front woman, dynamic vocals and epic performances, heavy melodic rock.  Jessie is the singer / songwriter / guitarist for her bands Jessie Deluxe and Fox White.  Both projects have an authoritative punch with her various styles ranging from Rock, Punk to Opera and hints of Death Metal.  As for her background, Jessie has worked with producers such as Dave Jerden ( Janes Addiction, Alice in Chains, Rolling Stones, RHCP), Geza X (Dead Kennedys, Germs, Black Flag) and David Rowntree (Drummer for Blur). Her influences range from, Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie, Queen, to Mr. Bungle and Green Jello.

Photos are by Lauren Johnson Photography.


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