Art Fusion: December 22, 2018 Artist: Linda Storm Singer/Songwriter: Sean Healen

Art Fusion Image for Art Fusion: December 22, 2018 Artist: Linda Storm Singer/Songwriter: Sean Healen



As a child I read enchanting stories about powerful goddesses and golden apples, I marveled at dew drops on a spider’s web, and discovered ancient fossils. Wonder, and an epiphany I experienced; With each breath, the sky became part of me, and I found forever in the black between the stars, inspires me. We live in a magical world, and I live to articulate it.

My first painting exhibit sold out when I was 14. As a mother and a Montessori  teacher, I continued painting in my free time, and studied what I needed to learn to express myself. I believe art is a language of the soul.

Today I am an award winning, international artist. My most recent exhibit was in Tuscany, Italy. My surreal magical art can be acquired in person in Santa Fe, at 2nd Street Studios #4. My studio is where I also host intimate musical performances, community events, mentor and teach students, offer retreats, and collaborate with other artists. Adjoining my studio is a gift/gallery that I curate, called Semiotique.

Currently I am continuing my series of MUSIC! and contemporary surreal goddesses, titled The Feminine Almighty, which debuted in Italy in September 2018, my MUSIC!  Series debuted in Santa Fe at the same time, projected as the backdrop for the NM Platinum Music Awards at the historic Lensic Theater.

“I combine acrylic textures and paint, iridescence, rainwater, and volcanic pigments on canvas, with paintbrushes, palette knives, and airbrush.


I’ve lived in Santa Fe for 25 years and am a surreal painter, a NM True artist, and active community member. In my studio I host happenings that feature jewelers, sculptors, tea-makers, musicians, artists, dancers, poets, and in early November, a punk rock flamenco acoustic duet. Sean Healen, the renowned Santa Fe singer-songwriter, performs there regularly, and Sean and I are also planning an exhibit of his paintings. In September, I returned from Italy where I was invited to exhibit my paintings of surreal goddesses, which I titled, The Feminine Almighty. The same day my show in Italy opened, my art was projected in the Lensic  Theatre as a backdrop for the musicians who played at the New Mexico Platinum Music Awards. I was honored to be a New Mexico artist in Italy and was well respected because of it.

I also mentor high school and college students, host artist retreats, and offer collaborative painting experiences. I specialize in painting with other artists, meaning we paint on the same canvases. I am currently painting with an artist from Portland, Oregon, who has been shipping paintings to me of figurative nudes, to which I add a surreal touch. This particular series is about Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. A visiting artist from Sweden painted with me in my Santa Fe studio, and later, met me in Italy to paint collaboratively. In previous years, I created a massive body of work with a Cuban artist, which , was shown in New York City and received glowing reviews. I have also painted with Sean Healen, and we’ve discussed creating more work together.

Along with 2 other women, I recently co-founded 2ac, the art collective in a triangulated area on Second Street, in Santa Fe. So far we have 15 members and continue to grow, and it has been well received by tourists and the community. We open our studios every second Friday of each month.

I formerly owned a successful gallery on Canyon Road called The Last Gallery on the Right, where I represented, crated and hosted events for local and international artists. I moved to Second Street Studios 5 years ago because I needed to focus on my art. My studio adjoins a gift/gallery that I curate. It features fair trade, up-cycled, local and global items, and paintings. I named it Semiotique, which means “Meaning Making." It opens to Back Road Pizza's patio. Come visit! Google Semiotique Gifts.

A story I shared on Linkedin:  I am an English speaking American artist who tends to be reclusive, but I do make an effort to partake in my gallery exhibitions and interviews. Recently, I accepted an invitation to show my goddess series in Italy, in September 2018, at the beautiful Galleria Villicana D'Annibale. The exhibition was televised three different times on Italian television, and there was an opening and closing event. In all of those experiences I was surrounded by people who spoke Italian. My paintings were silent confidants, and I trusted that they would speak for me. I watched as people took their time to observe my art, and felt fulfilled. Most sought me out in the crowd to offer cheek to cheek kisses, a few with tears in their eyes. The experience was life changing. It confirmed that my art is a language of its own. I no longer question what my purpose in life is, I know.

Singer/Songwriter: Sean Healen

Sean Healen is an award winning singer/songwriter.

With music and lyrics reminiscent of Leaonard Cohen and Steve Earle and a style at once intricate and eloquent, Sean is rapidly achieving the national stage. A long time resident of New Mexico, his recent album “Floodplain” was awarded Best Rock CD 2009 at the New Mexcio Music Awards. “Floodplain” was produced by Multi Platinum producer John Kurzweg. A more recent cd project, “Crown Of Coal” was produced by Grammy winner and legendary producer Malcolm Burn. The title track :”Crown Of Coal” charted at 23 on the Jambands chart in Aug 2011. Sean’s latest singles have been produced by Multi Platinum producer Scott Mathews at Tikitown in Mill Valley CA. The three singles feature special guest Chuck Prophet on lead guitar and backing vocals.

Recent performances include a taping of an epidode of the After After Party with special guest actor/bass player Wes Studi. To air on NBC after SNL. Sean was recently honored to escort Pete Townshend to the stage to receive this years Les Paul Award at the TEC Awards. Sean is also honored by the Santa Fe Brewing Company’s addition of a beer to their line  with his name on it. “Healen’s Big Hat Nut Brown Ale” is a permanent addition to their line. Sean is also very proud to endorse O'Farrell Hats, the finest hand made custom hats in the world.


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