Art Fusion: February 29, 2020 Artist: Danny Russ McBride

Art Fusion Image for Art Fusion: February 29, 2020 Artist: Danny Russ McBride

2-29-20 Artist: Danny Russ McBride

At the age of six, I sold my first painting for $100. From this experience, I realized that I could achieve a successful life, both financially and spiritually, by doing something I really loved doing. My passion for making art, has and continues to prove that realization to be true. As an artist, I am basically self-taught. As a student at Arizona State University, I was profoundly influenced by, and fortunate to have studied with artist/mentor Fritz Scholder.  His way of painting was fast, spontaneous, gutsy, deliberate, and elegantly raw. Watching him work, I instinctively knew that this is how I wanted to paint.  Adopting his approach has greatly assisted me in keeping my critical mind at bay, an important factor in producing a successful painting.

As a musician, I started piano lessons when I was six years old, but, because I could play by ear, I would usually want to do my own arrangements of the pieces my piano teachers would give me. I started singing at family gatherings and in church choirs. My first singing debut was with the Phoenix Symphony as guest vocalist. While studying art at Arizona State, I also majored in music. During that time, I got into singing opera so I’m classically trained as a vocalist. I then moved to Los Angeles and started writing some of my own music with lyrics. Songs! I love writing songs. A great song is like a great abstract painting. The end result finally gets down to it’s bare essentials.