Art Fusion: January 11, 2020 Artist: Karen Whitmore & Singer/Songwriter: Lucky Mays

Art Fusion Image for Art Fusion: January 11, 2020 Artist: Karen Whitmore & Singer/Songwriter: Lucky Mays

01-11-20 Artist:  Karen Whitmore

Karen was born in Memphis, Tennessee, but has lived in New Mexico since 1981 and calls Santa Fe home.  Karen has worked as a Veterinary Technician while painting and taking art classes with artists Lee Rommel, Don Finkeldei, Anita Louise West, Charles Reid, Kim English, and Roberta Remy.  Karen’s biggest inspiration in animal painters was Linda St. Clair. Karen’s love for animals has now switched from caring for them to painting them full time.

Karen is an impressionistic oil painter of farm animals, as well as landscapes, still life, and portraits.  She strives to capture the spirit and energy of the animal; therefore, the process must be quick and spontaneous.  She draws her image with oil paint and the painting is usually completed within two days.

Past exhibitions of her work at the Bang Gallery, Artisan, Santa Fe Convention Center, Open Hands, Deborah Gold Fine Art on Canyon Road, and is currently showing at the Brad Smith Gallery in Santa Fe.           


Singer/Songwriter: Lucky Mays

Singer-songwriter LUCKY MAYS has taken a 'left turn in Albuquerque' and his path is leading to something new and exciting in Country Music.

Lucky, having spent the better part of his career writing under pseudonyms for personal projects as well as for other artists, found himself with a wellspring of songs that had taken on a collective persona.

From that persona was born the Lucky Mays project. A compilation of catchy songs with stories that are both sweet and wistful - diversely identifiable to listeners of all backgrounds.

This debut Contemporary Country Music effort hints at the traditional music of yesteryear while leaning heavily into the music of today and tomorrow.

“I see my songs as country roots music with a pop appeal,” explains Lucky. These roots grow outward from the central concept of the song and, through lyric and melody, find touchpoints in the hearts of everyone who listens.

Lucky's music has a rich and immersive quality that lends itself to sitting back with a pair of headphones and losing yourself in the colors that playfully frolic - painting pictures and transporting the listener to new places in their soul.