Art Fusion: January 19, 2019 Visual Artist: Pamela Frankel Fiedler Singer/Songwriter: Dr Hall

Art Fusion Image for Art Fusion: January 19, 2019 Visual Artist: Pamela Frankel Fiedler Singer/Songwriter: Dr Hall

Visual Artist: Pamela Frankel Fiedler

Pamela Frankel Fiedler’s accomplished figurative work, intentionally devoid of reference to classical mythology and allegory, has a direct contemporary edge. Using a monochromatic palette, unassuming backgrounds and bold cropping her nudes are emotionally and sensually empowered. Frankel Fiedler’s compelling nudes elicit a varied initial response – shock, entrancement, seduction and guilt. Moving beyond depiction of mere physical beauty, her work deliberately portrays the frequently secreted intimacies of human expression.

One seldom fails to notice that the subjects in Fiedler’s paintings do not pay homage to the perfection of youth. Instead she purposely seeks models who are not young and not the homogenized version of perfection. Pamela explains, “I want others to see through my eyes; to see that the body is beautiful as it ages. However, it is of upmost importance that the viewer also see the subject as strong, intelligent and courageous; a real person exhibiting life-experience.”

Pamela Frankel Fiedler is an internationally collected artist with numerous publications and awards from International and National juried exhibitions. She has a loyal and ever expanding collector base. Fiedler’s art work is on display at INTRIGUE Gallery located in the heart of the world-renowned Canyon Road Art District in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Singer/Songwriter: Dr Hall                                                                                                                                                           

Dr. Hall is a singer/songwriter who plays electric, acoustic, and slide guitar.  Dr. Hall specializes in open and alternate tunings that create a unique, rich sound.  Dr. Hall started playing music at age 12 and was playing professionally at age 14. Inspired by early singer/songwriters, Dr. Hall began writing his own music after a long career in the music business as a touring musician traveling throughout the United States.  Dr. Hall is now an educator and plays music in Northern California. Dr. Hall gives back to the community through playing for charitable events, hosting blues jams, hosting singer/songwriter events, and providing opportunities for new artists to gain experience and exposure.