Art Fusion: July 27, 2019 Artist: Matthew Higginbotham Singer-songwriter: Farmer Jon

Art Fusion - July 27, 2019

Artist: Matthew Higginbotham

Artist Statement

 "Land is spirit to me.  Beyond mere appearances, I feel there is an energy, an aliveness, a livingness and vitality in the land.  It is in this zone that I want to tap into and express what I feel. This is essentially a healing practice for me because observing and communicating these feelings is very cathartic.  Like the practice of painting, there is a profound silence in these places, but also an incredible vibration of life. It is never boring or static except when I don’t see or listen properly and allow that spirit to flow onto my canvases.  I am also fascinated with large expanses as well as the very intimate details of the land. I find just as much passion in the Grand Canyon as I do a grouping of brush or a single tree. All land is sacred to me. Everything. Sun , wind, rain, land and sky become spiritual forces to ponder and interpret .  This is what drives my emotional language in my paintings and brings everything to life."

Singer-songwriter: Farmer Jon

I come from the planet Cleopatra. All who know me call me Farmer Jon. Religiously I am Frisbitarian, when I die my soul goes on the roof and I can't get it down right away. I'm a farmer/gardener and a singer/songwriter, The Farmer Jon Band is booking gigs at 505-216-8317. We always have fun. Meanwhile back on the farm business is really piling up in the out-house. -SEE YA SOON, -FARMER JON