Art Fusion: June 1, 2017

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Visual Artist: Marianne Hornbuckle

An Art-Life

From the drawing of the postman and his mailbox in the second grade that led to art classes at the local art museum, then private weekly classes after school, my activity of idle time was mostly drawing. Using my dresser as a drawing table,  with drawers full of real art supplies and ample paper in my room, I copied comics and hand-drawn newspaper fashion ads, painted scenes and still-lifes with oils and watercolor. I applied, was accepted (and didn't go) to the Famous Artist's School and painted oil portraits of my friends at 12.  I would be an artist when I grew up!

My private art class teacher had us clip reviews from Time Magazine of artists of the 40's and 50's - Stella, Pollock, Motherwell, and others - to make an art scrapbook, and took us to real museums in Houston. I could hardly wait for the Saturday Evening Post and Norman Rockwell's covers!  She exposed me to many mediums, materials, methods, and approaches, and the world of art and artists. I was sure then that to be a real artist meant to live in New York City, but with no role models, not so sure I could manage that myself. So in some sense, I settled... not surprising for a small-town 50's female.

Choosing a safe, conventional life over the risks of making a living as a single woman artist, I graduated from college, taught high school English, married an attorney, settled in suburbia, had children and drew my children sleeping in the back seat of the car once, oh and Robert E. Lee for my husband's office.  Stifled and bored, I turned to a local watercolor class, (preferable to the state asylum) and a big  beautiful new door opened. I saw that art and artists were still out there, right here where I was, and joyfully became part of that expressive, diverse community.  The skills I had acquired while young suited my new medium, and I quickly gained regional and national recognition as a watercolor painter.  It was just the encouragement I needed to launch myself out of my 50's scripted self, and into myself, the who-I-really-was all along. A divorce, serious illness, independence, remarriage and serendipity brought me to northern New Mexico with my new artist husband to start a new life, a real art life I could not have imagined.

Forty years as an artist has made me a risk-taker, a creative problem-solver, a self-starter, a local art-community organizer, a quiet adventurer, a positive force for my own and other's growth.The various forms my work took along the way showed where I was on my journey at that time. and my trust, and belief in beauty, goodness, positivity are on view now. At 74 and alone now, I've no regrets and look forward to continuing to express  the mystery of it all in   abstract paintings and the human form as I show up to my art-life and all that encompasses.

Artist Statement:

Exploring the Mystery

I want to make beautiful work that reminds us of the mystery of our world - that universal spirit is bigger than we are, in nature, in the human form, and in all that we don't understand -yet or ever perhaps.

Singer/Songwriter : Patti Schultz    

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