Art Fusion: June 23, 2018 Visual Artist : Kevin MacPherson Singer Songwriter: Jim Oliver

Art Fusion - June 23, 2018

Visual Artist : Kevin MacPherson

Kevin Macpherson has lived a life beyond his wildest dreams because he followed his muse. Paints in hand, he has globe-trotted to over thirty-five countries and counting. Art is his mistress as he travels in search of inspiration. His colorful, compelling oils cross international borders, speaking with the universal language of color. Kevin is a gifted teacher with keen intellect who has influenced thousands of aspiring artists. Through years of writing and teaching, he has crystallized his thoughts into a simple, direct, and highly effective painting method. Kevin can teach anyone to see and paint this visual language. If you have had the pleasure of studying with him, you know his youthful enthusiasm and intense curiosity are contagious.

Kevin is recognized as one of America's most accomplished Impressionistic plein air painters. His discipline and dedication have earned him critical success and numerous awards for his artwork. He is a member of many top organizations and has been recognized for his accomplishments and influence, including Master Oil Painters of America, Master American Impressionists Society, Master member California Art Club, member of the Salmagundi Club and Founding member and first president of the Plein Air Painters of America.

His work has been featured in more than 75 publications, books, television series and video. In addition to writing three popular books on landscape painting he has established stimulating artistic adventures. These include international venues and opportunities such as Chateau des Arts, En Plein Air Masters, Brush with Life and Artist’s Mentor Online and the television series, Passport and Palette.

Throughout his career he has devoted significant energy nurturing the next generation. Today finds him more energized, bringing art and joy to the aspiring hearts of underprivileged children especially in Central America and China with his foundation, “Art Ambassador for a Colorful World,”

Kevin’s story is still being written.

Singer Songwriter: Jim Oliver

Emmy Award winning, multi keyboardist musician and composer Jim Oliver is a highly regarded pioneer of healing with sound and color and has created more than 3500 hours of transformational healing music. Jim’s musical career has encompassed a wide range from performing with a symphony orchestra to being a composer-in-Residence at Sundance Institute with Robert Redford. He is an extremely popular guest on radio shows and tele-summits world-wide.

Jim’s music study began nearly 60 years ago when at age 5 Jim began piano lessons. Ultimately, Jim majored in Classical Organ at Hartt College of Music. He has passionately pursued the understanding of how music resonates with Body, Mind, Spirit and Emotions with the focus of being of the highest service through music and harmonized color.

His special gift is to spontaneously welcome the Music of the Spheres. You experience the music with every cell in your body and the very Essence of your Beingness / Your True Self.

Jim has recently developed Harmonies of Light – A one-of-a-kind lighting system that as Jim plays live music, the mathematically related colors shine into the space. This is a profound, multi-dimensional experience. Jim livestreams Harmonies of Light Music and Color Meditation Experiences to people simultaneously connecting with each other from all over the world. This offers an expanded, harmonized place for self-healing and self-awareness with high coherence and full integration with Your True Self – True Freedom – True Liberation.