Art Fusion: March 10, 2018 Visual Artist: Antonio Weiss Singer/Songwriter: Sheila Eden

Image for Art Fusion: March 10, 2018 Visual Artist: Antonio Weiss Singer/Songwriter: Sheila Eden

Visual Artist: Antonio Weiss

Antonio Weiss is a Native of Asuncion, Paraguay.

In the 1950’s, in Paraguay, Antonio’s father, a Jewish-Austrian exile from WWII, met his mother while roaming the Paraguayan countryside as a photographer.

Having inherited his father’s love of photography, Antonio majored in Production/Drama at Loyola University in New Orleans, and later moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico, where he has worked on video, film, and screenwriting projects since 1990.

He has won prizes at the Chicago International and Houston International film fests, in Live Action Shorts, Short Documentary and Feature Screenplay-Writing. He is currently a Producer/Director, in Santa Fe, where he is also working in digital photography and graphic design. His work has been shown in art galleries in Santa Fe.

Antonio Weiss successfully completed a program at CBS shadowing one of its directors in the pre-production and production of “CRIMINAL MINDS.  In October 2016, Antonio finished a 34 min. live action short film, CUTS ESCAPE AND PUNISHMENT, an action drama in which a woman takes the law in her own hands after helping some girls escape the clutches of human traffickers. The film was recently nominated for best drama at the New Mexico Filmmakers Showcase.

In January 2017 Antonio decided to open his own art gallery which also serves as his production office, (Wisdom Tribe Films) and brainstorming hideaway.  Antonio lives with artist McCreery Jordan in a world of painting, sculpting, photography and film-making.


Singer/Songwriter: Sheila Eden


Sheila Eden is an accomplished local actress and singer/songwriter. She trained in opera and musical theater, but transitioned into creating her own original music in 2014 as vocalist for Looking Glass River, and continues to cross genres through music including folk, alternative rock and ambient. She works with collaborators including Fyre & Fury, Keytarred & Feathered, and alongside of Ian Hudson for their duo project.

Sheila was inducted into the NM Film community through several independent film projects and her screen credits have grown to include parts in major productions, such as AMC's "Preacher" and El Rey's "From Dusk told Dawn"; alongside principal roles for local NM independent features including "CUTS" and "Red Nail Polish".

Leveraging equal passion for both film and music, she is making waves within the indie circuit--not only--by the roles for which she's cast, but also for accompanying those film scores with her voice. Sheila's dreams and passions lie in creating the perfect cinematic song for the pivotal parts of movies, where you tap into emotion that's been suppressed for years, even decades.

Recently, she both acted in and recorded music for "Won't Let You Go", an indie short which took home the Best Film award in a 48-Hour Film Project; a 7-minute thriller, which showed at a national competition Filmapalooza in Seattle, Wa.

She's showing no signs of slowing down in either music or film, and even maintains her photographic storytelling passion, all the while. Her image has been captured by award-winning photographers and her likeness has been featured in Cosmo and Huffington Post, for the work she maintains in promoting positive body image campaigns.

Singer/Songwriter: Ian Hudson

“Raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Ian found a love for music at an early age. After experimenting with Piano and other instruments, Ian discovered a passion for the violin and started taking private lessons at age 9. As he got older, he became involved in local orchestras and symphonies, visited music camps during the summers, and eventually won the lottery to a charter school, gaining entrance to the Public Academy for the Performing Arts. It was there that Ian began to expand on his artistic passions: painting, acting, fencing, literature and music, picking up the guitar and continuing with the Violin. His combined musical knowledge led Ian to become an avid believer in original work, and sought to never cover another band; though his love for Pink Floyd and System of a Down changed his views, widening his artistic scope and composing abilities.”

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