Art Fusion: May 11, 2019 Visual Artist: Rose Masterpol Singer/Songwriter: Michael Bloom

Art Fusion Image for Art Fusion: May 11, 2019 Visual Artist: Rose Masterpol Singer/Songwriter: Michael Bloom

Visual Artist: Rose Masterpol



Rose Masterpol was born in New York and currently resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She received a B.F.A. from the California Institute of the Arts. Since a child, it was apparent that she would lead a life of creativity from music to drawing, sculpture, photography, and painting. Masterpol holds a graphic design degree from CalArts and has worked for many years in advertising agencies in Los Angeles as a creative director. She has been exhibiting regularly throughout California, Mexico, and the American west since the 1990s, including one-person exhibits in Los Angeles, Provincetown and Santa Fe. She has been published in many featured articles in blogs, newspapers, websites and magazines with a large collector base in the United States, China and England.


California Institute of the Arts, CA (BFA)

Wright State University, OH

Orange Coast College, CA

Syracuse University, NY – 2 years graphic design/illustration

Onondaga Comm. College, NY (AAS)  - 2 year degree in fine arts

STATEMENT (ongoing)

I work in a series format which allows myself and the work to progress and never stop evolving. I literally use a jumping-off-a-bridge into the abyss modus. In there I compose, allow, surrender and give birth to something unsuspecting. I relinquish thought so something else can emerge, something unexplainable. The stuff in—between existence and non-existence is my playground. The work is explicit without using any vocabulary, for there are only so many words to describe or classify what we already know and live by. Discussing my work is difficult precisely for that very reason. For me my work is that of a guttural feeling, not thought. Because I am highly sensitive, vulnerable and emotional, I am vastly open to possibilities that are not otherwise present or available. I love the way I feel when I am painting, it is a true reflection of who I really am, inside—out. Painting makes me feel stable...not alone, I feel a heightened sense of self like no other time. In the end, the result is a self-actualized breathing entity, which is a part of the whole (body of work), kind of like how the universe works.

Singer/Songwriter: Michael Bloom

I’ve been playing the blues in one form or another for most of my life. From Oakland, California to Chicago to Santa Fe, New Mexico. BB King, Leadbelly, Little Milton, Mississippi John Hurt, Muddy Waters, Otis Rush, the Reverend Gary Davis, Robert Johnson. Let’s not forget Jimmy Reed. These are but a few of a very long list of people I have admired and emulated. One thing I’ve learned is that the blues is more than the notes you play, or the words you sing. It’s something you feel deep down inside, from a gnawing despair to a surge of joy. Blues is the music of struggle, but it’s also the music of hope. Like Buddy Guy -- the man himself -- says, “The blues is alive and well.” It’s everywhere.

A classically trained guitarist, singer and songwriter, while in Chicago I played with blues legend Mary Lane and recorded tracks for my new CD, Whisper in the Wind. I have recently been accepted into the ReverbNation Curated program. I now live in Santa Fe with my wife, Lisa Arthur, and our two fur babies, Gibson the dog and Tiki the cat, and travel regularly to perform and play the blues.