Art Fusion: May 18, 2019 Visual Artist: Aleta Pippin Singer/Songwriter: Anna Rudolph

Art Fusion Image for Art Fusion: May 18, 2019 Visual Artist: Aleta Pippin Singer/Songwriter: Anna Rudolph

Visual Artist: Aleta Pippin

Viewing my portfolio, you’ll notice that I work in different series. I do not plan the images, they are intuitive interactions created by life experience, accessing my broader knowledge most importantly spiritual, and ever-growing knowledge of materials. I continue to experiment which is key for my creative muse. New ideas are constantly born, some finding their way into new work.

I’ve found painting to be a life journey as well as an inner journey. I work abstractly because I enjoy the freedom and adventure of being in my imagination. My mission is to create paintings free of obvious form, allowing you to access your imagination and finish the painting using your perception and life experience.

Singer/Songwriter: Anna Rudolph

Anna Rudolph is a prolific singer-songwriter from Placitas, New Mexico.  She can be seen in a variety of venues in the Albuquerque area. While writing across genres from traditional blues and roots to Americana and spiritual music, her lyrics are honest and sultry, with themes of love, lust, loss and regret.  She is a ten-time New Mexico Music Awards finalist, beginning in 2013, when she first began writing and singing. In 2017, she was the New Mexico Music Award winner in the Adult Contemporary category and this year she is a nominee for best jazz song with her new single, Yellow Bird.  She has recorded three CDs and several singles and is an artist on Women of Substance Radio/Podcast. Her music can be heard or purchased on any of the major music platforms or from her website

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