Art Fusion: November 10, 2018 Artist: Robb Rael Musicians: Jake & Mike Montiel

Art Fusion - November 10, 2018

Artist: Robb Rael


Having been surrounded all my life by New Mexico’s dynamic landscapes and culturally diverse community, my art is a reflection of its grandeur and beauty. Being a self taught artist I contribute my style to my affinity for illustrative, comic book art and graffiti, as well as growing up in Santa Fe surrounded by my mother, Judy Ortiz’s, Impressionistic oil painting.


My primary medium of painting is Gouache (an opaque watercolour similar to egg tempura originating from the Medieval Period) which gives life to my display of colourful themes ranging from fantasy to reality.

I describe my work as fun, fluid and vibrant.


The legacy I desire to leave behind is to be an inspiration for future generations, and to be well known for the diversity of my subject matter, style and ability to translate through my art who I am, what I love and my perception of our world. Most importantly, my intention is to leave a smile on the faces of those walking away from my paintings.