Art Fusion: September 30, 2017 Visual Artist: Jeanne Hyland Singer/Songwriter: Mike Gann

Image for Art Fusion: September 30, 2017 Visual Artist: Jeanne Hyland Singer/Songwriter: Mike Gann

Visual Artist: Jeanne Hyland

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Ms. Hyland holds a BFA degree in figurative sculpture from UNH & studied at École

des Beaux Arts, France. Commercial design in Colorado preceded a return to Fine Art

participating in Loveland Sculpture Invitationals, Sedona Sculpture Walks. Jeanne

adopted watercolor after moving to California where she instructed at: LA Academy of

Figurative Art, Learning & Product Expos, Brand Library Studios. Jeanne now teaches

in Santa Fe, Artisan’s ARTSpot & Expos, and other locales nationally & internationally.

Jeanne is a past Board Member; National Watercolor Society, a Member; American,

National, Southwestern Watercolor Societies, Portrait Society of America & Signature

member; Watercolor West, Women Artists of the West & New Mexico Watercolor


Her work has been exhibited in “Eau en Couleurs”; International Watercolor Biennial,

AWS, NWS, Watercolor West (2014 Juror’s Award), Fallbrook Annual Signature

American Watermedia Exhibition (2016 Harry Davies Award), San Diego Watercolor

Society (2006 Ana Drobnies Award), Richeson75ONLINE, WAOW, Inc. (1st & 2nd

Place, Distinguished Watercolor), Southwestern & Valley Watercolor Societies

(awards), Masterworks of New Mexico & New Mexico Watercolor Society shows (Best

of Show 2014 & other awards). She is included in International Artist Publication:

How Did You Paint That? 100 ways to paint still lifes and florals Vol. II & is a

contributor to 2013 North Light book, Creative Freedom.


The love of nature’s beauty, energy, and form in tandem with an intense palette are apparent in my artwork.

I work both from life and from photographs—often a combination of the two. I get much more direct emotional response working from life. With photo references I can better enhance and recompose elements to my liking.

To set the overall tone, I often start with rough “blocking in” or intuitive flows of color and work from there. I exaggerate and simplify shapes to bring a painting to life. With bold

color I intensify a subject’s energy and mood. Watercolor allows me to paint quickly and with great flexibility.

Capturing the gesture, the inner character, of my subjects is my primary focus. I want to convey the sense of fascination that I feel with human nature or natural beauty and the mystery of nature. Closely observing the light and colors of nature brings me a connection to the world around me that I hope to convey to viewers and collectors alike.

Singer/Songwriter: Mike Gann

My music style is predominantly based on blues and country with a little bit of jazz, on the piano. I play quite a bit of “Nashville Gold”, Elvis, Roy Orbison, and I can even do a little bit of Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard. My original songs reflect this style. The only gig I’ve had locally is at the Corrales Bistro. No place in Santa Fe will allow me to play a show on the piano.

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