“Being a hospital warrior with Bonnie Friedman”

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Join Mark in learning from Bonnie Friedman (hospitalwarrior.com) how to be a powerfully and effectively informed advocate for your loved one in hospital or emergency care. Bonnie Friedman is a passionate crusader for getting the best hospital care for loved ones. She is the author of the book Hospital Warrior: How to Get the Best Care for Your Loved One. Her zeal stems from 24-plus years advocating for her husband Bob through the course of 14 separate hospitalizations … some very serious and life-threatening. Bob is now thriving, and Bonnie is turning her hard-won knowledge into information to share with others to help them advocate. Her practical advice is valuable for all who have loved ones in the hospital or might someday. 

Before she became a “Hospital Warrior,” Bonnie was a professional communicator with more than 40 years of experience working in the federal government and then owning her own consulting business. She started her career at the National Institutes of Health, and she later worked as Communications Director of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration so she has come full circle in health-related communications.