“Beyond Sexual Harassment with Lisa Etzel, BCC, LCPC”

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Drawing from their combined 40 years of healing work with sexual trauma, Mark (amatterofthemind@gmail.com) and Sexual Harassment Coach  Lisa Etzel, BCC, LCPC (empoweringmetoo.com) explore what current events are reflecting to us about the power, importance and invitation of #MeToo and #WhatsNext.
Lisa Etzel was a trauma therapist for almost 20 years, and is now a Transformational Life and Executive Coach focusing on the #MeToo movement. She has sat with hundreds of women, witnessing their trauma, and understands as a therapist what it’s like for survivors to speak out. Her mission and calling is supporting and standing with women of today speaking out and being in their truth. “I walk with my clients on their path designing a life of safety, security, honesty, love, hope and equality.”