Business Matters: February 16, 2019

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Carlos Duno

What Do We Do at NAVIX?

We help the business owner envision and define his or her successful exit.
We identify tailored strategies and tactics that will overcome the obstacles and maximize the owner’s business and personal results at exit.
We act to coordinate and implement those strategies and tactics in an effective, timely, and cost-efficient manner.



Agiola Bejko       Homewise


Homewise, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that works throughout New Mexico to help create successful homeowners. Homewise empowers and supports clients on their path to homeownership through each step of the process with financial education and coaching, real estate services, affordable mortgage lending and down payment assistance, refinance and home improvement lending, and real estate development. Since its founding in 1986, over 15,000 households have attended financial workshops. During that time over 4,000 people have purchased homes, over 2,200 have made energy efficient home improvements, more than 600 have refinanced their mortgages and the organization itself has built over 700 high quality, affordable homes.