Business Matters: January 26, 2019

Business Matters Image for Business Matters: January 26, 2019

Helen Tindel     Pueblo Beach

Pueblo Beach LLC sells microfiber Adventure towels featuring the art of my great-grandmother Pablita Velarde. I own & manage her estate, with the IP rights I started this business. Feel free to check out

Brandon Fritzpatrick    Luna Capital

Luna Capital Realty is a real property brokerage. Our clients include national and regional REITs, developers, owners, lenders, syndicators, landlords, tenants, contractors, property managers, brokers, and investors. Our expertise is demonstrated in the ability to efficiently and effectively handle all of the specific issues related to the negotiation and closing of transactions involving acquisition, financing, development, construction, operation, leasing, management, or disposition of real estate. We are continually involved in the structuring, documentation, and closing of acquisition and sale transactions, complex financing transactions, and sophisticated leasing transactions.

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