Business Matters: March 14, 2020  

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3-14-20 Sheila Nixson    Dancing Bones

dancingbones® grew out of the founder's long quest for natural solutions to her own dire health diagnosis.  In dancingbones® Wellness Studio, Sheila Nixon has assembled and synergized four advanced technologies that helped her and profoundly recovered her health.  

Recovery and maintenance of bone densitymuscle strengthjoint stability and balance are the primary focus of her flagship program.  

The critical importance of structural strength is addressed in this extremely efficient, once-a-week program. It is producing measurable results in our members' bone scans and athletic gains.  As an added bonus, we find blood sugar levels can also come into normal ranges.

We have added an astounding technology that helped (in 2008) pivot Sheila’s health.   The Energy Enhancement System  (we call it MATRIX) is producing a range of benefits in our members and can be used as a completely passive modality.

dancingbones®  offers a no-obligation free introduction.  Call for your 35-minute free session.  505-557-6209.

Daniel Crupi    The Santa Fe Symphony Orchestra & Chorus

The Santa Fe Symphony Orchestra & Chorus is a bold and successful collaboration between musicians and all who appreciate live performance, founded in 1984 by Gregory W. Heltman. Today, under the direction of Executive Director Daniel M. Crupi, The Santa Fe Symphony Orchestra & Chorus includes sixty-five professional musicians, led by Principal Conductor Guillermo Figueroa, and over 90 volunteer choristers, led by Choral Director Carmen Flórez-Mansi—all New Mexico residents.