Business Matters: March 2, 2019

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Jocelyn Black Hodes  The Education Plan

The Education Plan, also known as "TEP", is a 529 savings program sponsored by the State of New Mexico that helps individuals and families save and grow money for future education expenses and avoid the burden of student loan debt. It is never too late to take advantage of TEP as the money can be used for undergraduate, graduate, doctorate or certification and continuing education programs at any accredited school across the country, not just in NM, and covers over 200 expenses including room and board, books, computers, supplies and fees. Anyone can open and contribute to a TEP account for either themselves or a loved one, and contributions are 100% state income tax deductible for NM residents. Learn more about New Mexico's "best-kept secret" online at

Charles Thompson  EGIS Complete Care

EGIS Complete Care is a Care Management Company. EGIS stands for Elders Getting Information and Services. Our Care Managers have extensive knowledge of and experience with local and regional resources that can make the aging process more pleasant. We provide a wide range of services as well that are geared toward our senior community. The bulk of which is In-home Caregivers to allow seniors to age in place. Based on an individual clients needs and desires, recommendations about resources to promote independence, safety and quality of life are made available and a dynamic plan of care is developed.