Business Matters: March 7, 2020    

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Devere Jones     Tesuque Casino

Tesuque Casino isn’t just another place to play your favorite games – it’s the best new game in town.No matter how you play – whether at one of our slot machines, betting it all on red or rolling the dice – Tesuque Casino offers the best combination of gaming and service anywhere in New Mexico.


Julie Grace          Remix Audio Bar

At Remix Audio Bar we aim to create an inspiring scene in an unlikely place: on a quiet street, above an ice cream shop, in our city of Santa Fe. It is off the beaten path as if it were a speak-easy.

It is a unique experience meant for customer participation. We are building a downtown music culture to elevate your state and make you feel good.

We offer a fine selection of teas, kombucha, high quality coffee beans, kava coolers, mushroom lattes and elixirs...

A great coffee shop is hard to find, but you will find it here.

Imagine waking up and going to a place where Electronic Music Culture is welcomed and supported. Are you a DJ or Music Producer who wants to be in proximity to your future fans or members of your creative team?

You will find that culture building through our Remix DJ Dojo. We are about the music all day.

We are building a culture of connection, innovation, and play.

We are the believers. We are the risk-takers. We always find a way.

Whether it's hi-fidelity equipment, our deluxe Chess, Pichnotte, and Go boards, or daily interactions with your community, we see the need for quality connections. 

From the curation of our music offerings to the experimentation with our beverage menu, Remix Audio Bar will provide a culture of CONSTANT INNOVATION.

We use our resources to provide a space to be in proximity to those who need this and we offer an opportunity for growth and contribution.

Remix is a solely five star review establishment according to our fans, and there is nothing like us in the world. We challenge you to find a place that can compare...

Tuesday - Saturday 10 am to 10 pm come up to the second floor of 101 West Marcy Street, to take a break from your day and elevate your state.