Business Matters: October 19, 2019

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10-19-19 Annette Alvarez    Legacy Mortgage

Annette Alvarez, a Sr. Mortgage Loan Advisor with Legacy Mortgage is a native Santa Fean and has been in the mortgage industry since 2005. Legacy Mortgage, headquartered in Albuquerque NM is one of the last privately owned Mortgage Company’s in the State of New Mexico. She and her loan partner, Paula Delair manage the Santa Fe branch.

Dr. Robyn Benson

Robyn Benson, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, is a heart-centered visionary and inspirational catalyst devoted to changing the face of health care. Known by many to be the “the” health detective with life-changing solutions, for 25 years, she has applied her knowledge of acupuncture, herbs, IV therapies, regenerative therapies, and scientifically based modalities to help patients alleviate pain and solve their most pressing health challenges.

A pioneer of the Self-Care Revolution and creator of Amplified Regenerative Therapies, ART; Dr. Benson is the founder and is the Director of Santa Fe Soul Center for Optimal Health which serves the Santa Fe Community and both national and international clientele. Her center offers several scientifically based modalities, for the treatment of opioid addiction; depression, anxiety, and PTSD, being the only center in the Southwest to have these cutting-edge services.

Dr. Benson is the author of the best seller, Travel with Vitality: 7 Simple Solutions to Sleep Well, Staying Fit and Avoiding Illness. A mother, adventure enthusiast, world traveler, and nationally known speaker, Dr. Benson brings an innovative and game changing approach to today’s health care.

Dr. Benson is a graduate of the University of Virginia with a B.S. in Sports Medicine and a Master’s Degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. She is a board-certified in orthopedic and pediatric acupuncture.

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