Calling all Vets: February 1, 2020  

Calling All Vets Image for Calling all Vets: February 1, 2020

2-1-20 Military Winterfest, Angel Fire, NM from 2-6 thru 2-10 Great Program for vets and families to enjoy wintersports at great discounts!!


Lyssa Hopson , co-director of Winterfest 2020, also LTC, USAF, RET.

Andy Strampach, V-pres, Bus Dev, for PAE (Pacific Arch. and Engr) PAE is active on all continents and hasa workforce of over 20,000, of which about 15% are veterans.  They encourage and support veteran activities.  pae is headquartered in VA. but they are international.

The Fallen Outdoors, a 501 c3 organization that helps and encourages all veterans to learn new skills:  fishing, camping, hunting with guides and coaches.  Facebook:  The Fallen Outdoors West Coast All Veteran Page.