Calling all Vets: February 29, 2020  

Calling All Vets Image for Calling all Vets: February 29, 2020

2-29-20 Lyssa Hopson, Angel Fire Winterfest coordinator  for Winterfest 2020 , and now involved w/Angel Fire Summer Fest 2020....

Lots of cool stuff happening this summer, Bands, Balloons, Vet, motorcycles, Yee Hah!!!!

Brandi Cmotts, Board Member of Northern New Mexico Honor Flight; 2020, for Veterans to travel back to Washington, DC for all the memorials with other Veterans!!!  Great Event and more show about the organization to come.,

Gary Williams, USAF Vet, now Associate State 
Director / Community Outreach for AARP, Santa Fe, NM.

Large national organization that has a lot of interest in the Veteran Community!!!