Calling all Vets: January 9, 2019

Calling All Vets Image for Calling all Vets: January 9, 2019

Zack Brown: co-founder of National Causalities of War (.com) out of Texas and Oklahoma with Mr. Chad Watts, fonder of "Scars and"...United we Brew @ Aveteran coffee company that is a distributor of premium coffee thru out the US...580-222-6544.
Professor Robert Jefferson (for info) 505-277-2451 and  Author of "Brothers in Valor" battlefield stories of 89 African American Service people who were awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor through out our history as a country.Just published and available now.
Lysa Hopson, Board member of National Veterans Wellness & Healing Center, Angel Fire, NM, regarding the MILITARY WINTER FEST at ANGEL FIRE, NM FROM 2-21-THRU 2-24.

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