Calling all Vets: March 9, 2019

Calling All Vets Image for Calling all Vets: March 9, 2019

Ken Dettelbach, NM military museum director, AND, Bd member VVA #996, re the 1/2 scale WALL at Angel Fire, NM, and R & R improvements for Vets and survivors here in northern NM.  NM Military museum open from Tues - Sun from 10 am to 4 pm - Cost is Free, but Donations are gratefully accepted.  Lots of interesting exhibits and artifacts....
His Contact # is 505-577-8722
Daniel Johnson with  "Soldiers, Songs, and Voices" here in Santa Fe; they meet 2nd and 4th Tuesday eve at Candyman String and Things on St. Michael's Drive about 630 pm.  Great op for song playing an writing.
His Contact is 972-741-2758

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