Calling all Vets: November 17, 2018

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Suzanne Gordon, Author of "Wounds of War" how the VA delivers health, healing, and hope to the nation's veterans.  Award winning journalist re health care, past author of 20 books and co-edited 8 others all re healthcare and mqany of them Veterans Health Care.
Contact : or 615-640-0630.   for more info.  Goodinerview.
Mr. Carlos Sanchez, Special Events Coordinator, City of Santa Fe, NM.  505-955-2146.  He was in charge of and involved with the Veterans Day Parade and Celebrations on 11-11-18 in downtown  Santa Fe.  He wil b e back w/ Mayor Alan Weber in the future.
Kathy Flynn, Cofounder and exec. director of the National New Deal Preservation Association of the US.  She lives and works in and out of Santa Fe, NM.  They are trying to restore the "New Deal Turtle Fountain" at the New Mexican Veterans Home in Truth or Consequences, NM.
Great Project, need to raise about $200,000.  e-mail: or or 505-473-3985 or 505-690-5845.  
Gotheir first major check from American Legion Riders.