“Changing your worst enemy to your Greatest Ally with Anna Sebastian”

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Mark explores with Certified Hypnotherapist Anna Sebastian the aspects of people that drives them to sabotage their own well-being.
Anna Sebastian (hypnopro1@fastmail.com) is a certified clinical hypnotherapist and a Brit., who enjoyed a distinguished career as a writer and broadcaster, before leaving England to make her home in the United States. She was a regular contributor to major newspapers and magazines, wrote a book which was serialized in a national newspaper and spent several years as a reporter and producer for BBC television and radio.

Her lifelong passion has always been alternative healing and, in particular, the workings of the mind. Anna finds that her life experience and her personal skills - as a broadcaster, interviewer, writer and ‘people person’ - come together quite wonderfully in this healing work. In practice since 1996, she particularly enjoys focusing on the practical applications of hypnosis, helping people to improve the quality of their lives by quitting smoking, losing weight and dealing with unwanted habits. Her Hypnosmoke and Hypnoslim programs are unique, with a success rate of over 95%.