Coffee and Culture: August 16, 2017

Coffee and Culture - August 16, 2017

New and Upcoming Exhibitions and Public Programs from the IAIA Museum of Contemporary Native Arts with Collections Curator, Tatiana Lomahaftewa-Singer and Public Programs Manager, Andrea R. Hanley 

The IAIA Museum of Contemporary Native Arts (MoCNA) is the country’s leading museum for exhibiting, collecting and interpreting the most progressive work of contemporary Native artists for local, national and international audiences. Please join MoCNA Staff for a conversation which will highlight a current MoCNA permanent collections exhibition, Action/Abstraction Redefined and upcoming public programming at the museum in Summer 2017. Tatiana Lomahaftewa-Singer (Hopi/Choctaw) is the Curator of Collections at the IAIA Museum of Contemporary Native Arts (MoCNA). Tatiana has been responsible for the care, maintenance and management of the Museum’s permanent collection for the past 21 years. She oversaw the collections storage design on the campus of the Institute of American Indian Arts that allows for greater access, research and growth of the collection. MoCNA’s Program and Membership Manager, Andrea R. Hanley (Navajo) has over 28 years of professional experience working in the museum field primarily focusing on contemporary American Indian art. Her career is dedicated to the work of contemporary American Indian artists and the American Indian fine art field.

Photo credit:

Don Montileaux, (Oglala Lakota, b. 1948) Four Legs of Life, 1968

Acrylic on canvas

Honors Collection

Museum Collection (S-25)

Courtesy Tatiana Lomahaftewa-Singer

Courtesy Andrea R. Hanley