“Creating Heaven on Earth with Martin Rutte”

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If you were inspired and confidently connected with the experience Heaven On Earth, what would you create, when would you start, what would you do next? Join Mark and Jenn in this uplifting exploration with Martin Rutte, dynamic international speaker, consultant, and president of Livelihood, a management consulting firm, in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The company’s areas of service include: strategic vision, corporate spirit, performance management, facilitated dialogue, and creative leadership.  Martin is co-author of The New York Times Business Bestseller, Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work, translated into over 20 languages. His project for creating Heaven On Earth (projectheavenonearth.com) is simple, inspiring and powerful.

For over 15 years Martin has been exploring peoples’ vision for the kind of world they deeply long for – Project Heaven on Earth. He has contributed chapters on Heaven on Earth in: How to Achieve A Heaven on Earth, Seeking the Sacred, and Glimpses of Heaven on Earth. His new book on this subject: Project Heaven on Earth: The 3 simple questions that will help you change the world … easily has just been published. He sees Heaven on Earth as the new story of what it means to be a human and what it means to be Humanity.