“Dissolving the Pain of Past Wounding w/ Barry Cooney”

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Mark is joined by Barry Cooney, PhD (barrycooney.com) in exploring how awareness, compassion and pure sound frequencies promote healing, i.e. remembering and reconnecting with the center of our true nature.

Barry Cooney is a Santa Fe based wellness practitioner and "awareness coach." His career started in the late 70's when he was appointed to the Faculty of the Department of Psychiatry at Jefferson Medical University in Philadelphia at the ripe young age of 29. Shortly thereafter, Barry broke away from the traditional western medical model of treating emotional disorders, and embarked on several adventures exploring spiritual teachings and ancient healing practices in India and Asia.

Dr. Cooney , begins his series of "Healing Heart" workshops devoted to helping people move through woundings they've experienced in life. His first Workshop, "Dissolving the Pain of Past Wounding" is on Saturday, February 24th At "Light Vessel" in Santa Fe.