“Jungian Archetypes Leading to Organic AI with Yoshi (Neil) Alers

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Join Mark (amatterofthemind@gmail.com) in exploring how we can all be involved in the development of the next level of artificial intelligence, with Yoshi Neil Alers, MA, MS, CEO 
researcher, and design engineer of the newly formed company, Organic Automated Intelligence, Inc. of Singapore and New York. 

Yoshi draws from his previous experience as a psychotherapist, painter and art gallery owner, author, and computer scientist, as well as his early life as the eldest son of Sociologist J. Oscar Alers, living in the Andes Mountains of Peru, and in Bangkok, Thailand. After another period of time living in Santa Fe, he now lives with his wife and kid in The Electric City: Schenectady, NY. 
Yoshi documented his 1979 vision of 2019, in the novel, YOU NEVER DIE IN YOUR DREAMS, now in its third edition, published on Kindle and Nook. His vision has guided and fueled his life, manifesting in recent years through his meeting OAI co-founder Sun Yu-li, the discoverer and grapher of the Universal Language (UL), who talks about how the UL will transform all knowledge fields. 
The motto of OAI: Make computers people-literate™ for social good. The "Mirrored" app available at mirrored.us is the research tool for experimenting with OAI, just released to public beta in July.

Yoshi says, “Mark, you facilitated an opportunity for me to reflect on my self, my values, my calling, and the communities and people who shared their pieces of the puzzle to make the universal, humane computer system on time and as foreseen. The wonderful company of caring and capable people around the world who compose OAI and develop our technology are proud and eager to share this engine for a new type of software development kit designed to make computers people-literate™. OAI developers will serve people equally, universally, organically, wholesomely.”