Black Lillies live in KBAC Studio II

- November 5, 2013

Catch them tonight (11/5) at Santa Fe Sol!

Songs played live during this Studio II session with the Black Lillies:

"Same Mistakes (originally from BL's 100 Miles of Wreckage)"

"Little Darlin' (originally from BL's Whiskey Angel)"

"Time of the Season (Zombies cover)"

For the record, here are the band member's responses for the question, "Who is your favorite creative artist (not necessarily musical) of all time?":

Robert Richards: "Frank Zappa"

Bowman Townsend: "Miles Davis"

Cruz Contreras: "Dr. Seuss"

Trisha Gene Brady: "Salvador Dali and Dolly Parton"

Tom Pryor: "Earl Scruggs"