Filmmakers Renea Roberts and Nancy Dickenson Discuss their film ‘Rooted Lands – Tierras Arraig

The Big Show with Honey Harris - February 26, 2013

"Rooted Lands – Tierras Arraigadas was the culmination of filming over 4 years  and it’s no doubt that the story will continue to go on, even though the filming has been completed.

In recent years, speculators of the oil and natural gas industry began buying mineral leases in Mora County, New Mexico near the rural villages of Ocate’, Ojo Feliz, and Wagon Mound.  Some of these leases were leased out by landowners who own their mineral rights, while others were purchased from mineral rights owners residing outside the county with little or no connection to the land.  As large parcels of thousands of acres were being leased, locals began to worry how this would impact their place, their culture, and their health.  Of primary concern is the quality and quantity of water – - the lifeblood of this special place and her people."

Two upcoming Santa Fe screenings: February 27 at the Farmers Market Pavillion and March 14 at the La Tienda Performance Space.