New Mexico Film Works:  Febuary 13, 2014

New Mexico Film Works - February 13, 2014

Segment 1:

Jeff Franken and Daniel Montaño discuss their current project, “Neon Buffalo.”

Producer, Jeff Franken, spent six years with Native American journalists, casino executives, vendors, tribal leaders, tribal members, and casino employees, resulting in a book telling the story of the social revolution that became Indian gaming; thus, leading up to Jeff’s current project, “Neon Buffalo.”

Producer, Daniel Montaño, is a New Mexico entrepreneur and artist who, for over a decade, has owned and operated a major government contracting firm.

Segment 2:

Andrew Wiese and Rick Clemente discuss Above the Line, New Mexico, and announce a new competition to help promote above-the-line opportunities in the state.

Andrew Wiese has worked in Hollywood as a writer and producer for more than fourteen years, having developed film and television projects for ABC television, Imagine Entertainment, Picturehouse Entertainment, and Dark Horse Comics.

Rick Clemente moved to New Mexico seven years ago from a lifetime in California and is presently the CEO of I-25 Studios. He has built several motion picture facilities and significant companies over a four-decade span.