Rudra Ram aka Alan Hutner ‘Heart – Mind, No Bind’

Transitions Radio Magazine - February 15, 2012

If you look around
At how mind’s abound
How the mental surrounds
The human compound
You start to understand
A missing cultural demand
That plagues the land
Making life more bland
It’s like working with one hand
Or the efficiency of a one leg stand

It’s a cultural defect
Missing a prefect
Just a partial map to direct
The human soul to per-fect
On the real journey home
Living with the Cosmic Om
Where divine beings roam
In the ethereal zone
Written about in poems
Or prosaic tones

It’s the heart center
A physiology defender
With more neurology
Than the brain
Both important just the same
If they work on the same plane
Knowing love is the divinity game

Once again it’s about balance
A duality challenge
Heart in the head
Or you’ll contract mental dread

Disease of a mind undirected
By love unaffected
With results unperfected
Or another metaphor
Like the mind is a bore
A one product store
Without the heart’s roar

Heart in the head
Head in the heart
A balancing cosmic art
With love as the primary part
Of every decision you start

Or job you end
The perfect blend
For the world to end
War and crime
It’s about time
Love for us to find