Rudra Ram aka Alan Hutner: ‘The Good Humor Man’

"Dedicated to Steve Bhaerman and his Alter Ego Sidekick, Swami Beyondananda"

We met some 26 years ago
He started a traveling road show
Puns by the ton
He played on words
Sending up the absurd
Giving our establishment the bird
His rifts and drifts
Were fun to be heard

His material made me laugh
Reminded me of the past
When as a teen
At the diner scene
I did “sit-down” comedy
Late nights with my high school friends
Charming them
And courting girl friends
Telling jokes
Over fried egg yokes
And coffee with my blokes

Who seemed to love me
For my comedy
A constipation remedy
From the growing pains
And educational stains
And academic programming drains

Yes laughter healed us in those early days
Until we graduated and parted ways
To enter the world more seriously
To careers, maturity and new families
We learned to play house
Grow lawns and plant trees
And my sense of humor
It slowly dissipated
Like a soft summer breeze
Surfacing a bit periodically

Plied by some booze
In a party mood
Triggered by a friend’s brood
Their life fried or stewed
My cosmic comedy
Somewhat subdued
Would rise to the occasion
To be deftly used

For a friend or associate in need
I’d mount my humor steed
Funny stories would return for there dis-ease
And I would bring the suffering to their knees
With laughter at reality
At the banality
Of our prancing and dancing
In suites and ties
Hiding our eyes
As corporate spies
To mainly make money
Forgetting the simplicity of clear blue skies

And the love we once had
For the freedom, the spontaneity
The pure unabashed gaiety
That dissipated our dismay-ity
Well, Swami Beyondananda
Now helps with the bliss

So like I said
26 years ago
When my sense of humor was nearly dead
And life was like white bread
Steve B and his Swami
Met me
In a tiny bake-ery
Cloud Cliff it was
Full of people all a-buzz
I took to him like a cuz
And so it was

That Swami Beyondananda
Became a friend
So fondah
Back in 1986
He did his shtick
On our radio show a bit

Cosmosis then
He became a good friend
And to this day
Whenever we get to play
Humor heals the day
As Swami might say
It will really pave your way
Dispelling your dismay
Yes a laugh a day
Keeps the doctor away
And brings love to the fray.