Rudra Ram aka Alan Hutner ‘The Surrender Bender’

(A Hey….Hey God. #70)

I’m not sure
If we’ve talked about this before
But it’s again knocking
At my third eye door

It’s about surrender
The who, what, where and why?
When to defy?
When to rely?
And how to trust, the big I (or eye)
In the cosmic sky

With answers delivered
In the Divine river
Of the flow
In which to go
In your great show
How to know
Please advise
Creator Source
By my side!

Son, this is one of the great ones
Like what my number one son (no offense to you)
Said to Hope in “Be the Second Coming”
Jesus strumming
In her back yard drumming!
About surrendering in “truth, ease and what is”
Here and now in alignment
With what has been created through law”

“As you already know
This is the Divine surrender show”
And an axiom I gave you

Many years ago
“Never surrender to an ego greater than your own.”
But now Son, that’s even something you’ve outgrown
The seeds of me have been sown
And your own Divine Presence has been shown

As well
You’re never alone
From me
And the manifestations of Divinity
So now you know
It’s not about surrender to the ego-mind-body show
No, no

You’re now receiving directions
From the highest level of Divine Erections
You have already surrendered your human personality
And you can love that behavior
As another son or Self-savior

Of little self to Big Self
And everyone else can take their inner savior
Off the shelf
And find the wealth
In the moment, in the now
And how!

Where all future things are possible
Now only now
This is the perfection
From which to get direction
Accepting what is
Now. Wow!

Creating from this reality
Without resistance or friction
Which is the real science fiction
Resistance argues with reality
Creating constriction in the totality
Higher consciousness banality

And this ego tool
Of my creation
Like steps on a ladder
One rising above
In love
To the next rungs
Render the lower ones
Just precursory

For you will never descend
This ladder again
Cosmic consciousness.
Is the end
But: before we end
For just this day
I have some shortcuts for to say

An answer to your four or five w’s
So, surrender to who: the non-ego, Divine you
To what: the now as it is, don’t argue with reality
It will put you in a tiz
To where: anywhere just be aware, whose there
Call forth one presence wherever you stand
Make it your Divine command!
The why: why not? Get out of the illusory pot
Why try?
Enjoy the ease and trust of surrender
And don’t ask why
It’s pie in the sky

Ever again
Get out of linear time
No past, no future
In the “Be Here Now” moment
When. Is not then.
No waiting. No line
The moment sublime

Out of time
Like: if not now…when?
And this moment will never come again!
Carpe diem!
Seize the day
Or better to say
Seize the moment
And be my Divine Reality proponent!