Moon Dunes, Rusty Dusty, and Kairos

Afternoons with Chris D Image for Moon Dunes, Rusty Dusty, and Kairos

Three bands from San Marcos, TX stop by Studio II on their way to play Red Velvet Underground in Albuquerque tonight (9/25/19), and they're also playing Taos Mesa Brewing tomorrow night (9/26/19).  Pictured here, clockwise from top, Jacob Garrigos (from Kairos), Eli Zablosky ("Our Place or Yours?" event organizer), Nick Dow (from Moon Dunes), Travis Roper (from Rusty Dusty), and Bryce Brown (from Rusty Dusty).  Songs played: Moon Dunes "Skyscraper," Rusty Dusty "Vernacular," and Kairos "In My Hands."  Wishing them all safe travels and a hopefully speedy return to Santa Fe!