“Qigong for Conscious Aging”

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Qigong is an ancient practice to cultivate and balance qi, essential life energy. Join Mark with his guests

George and Sedena Cappannelli, award-winning authors (their books include Do Not Go Quietly, winner

of nine national book awards, The Best is Yet To Be, Getting Unstuck, Authenticity and Say Yes To

Change), consultants and coaches to some of the leading organizations in the world and the people who

lead them, experts on societal, organizational and individual change and co-founders of AgeNation

(agenation.com) (the organization that brings information, education, inspiration and solutions to people

who weren't born yesterday and younger people who will soon inherit the future) in an enlightening

conversation about how using this powerful practice can enhance your energy and access to live the

fullness of your unique life at any age.

Learn about AgeNation's terrific collaboration with Mingtong Gu and The Chi Center (chicenter.com)

and their current and coming resources and events regarding:

Qigong and Conscious Aging

A multiple part series including three free webinars:

First two are available for replay now:

Reclaiming Your Vitality, Resilience and Personal Power In Uncertain Times

Reconnecting To Your Joy, Passion & Purpose and and the

third - Conscious Aging and Conscious Dying - will begin airing July 22nd

Live and live streamed Healthcare and Longevity Event Saturday Morning June 3rd at The Chi Center in


The first annual Qigong and Conscious Aging Conference August 4-6 at the Chi Center featuring Joan

Borysenko, Fr. Richard Rohr, Andrew Harvey, Judith Orloff, Dr. Gregory Shushan, Mingtong Gu,

Sedena and George, some very gifted musicians and some great panels, special videos and films, a lot of

love and some remarkable qigong practice.

All of this and more is part of their effort to ensure that people who are in the second half of life, people

whose healthcare and well-being is currently under threat, are encouraged to take much greater

responsibility for their own well-being and health through more robust preventative and self-care

strategies and conscious aging tools and strategies with qigong at the top of their list.