TnJ Special Session - Guest Toast Clint Huling

Toast n Jam Image for TnJ Special Session - Guest Toast Clint Huling

TnJ 762 (10/10/19)

FLASH MOUNTAIN FLOOD – Any Place  (2019 Speak of Heaven)
NICK GRAVENITIES and ANIMAL MIND w/ JERRY GARCIA – Chicago Is Your Home  (4/29/90 Maritime Hall, San Francisco, CA)
JERRY GARCIA BAND – Mission in the Rain  (2019 Electric on the Eel, 6/10/89 Frenchy’s Camp, Piercy, CA)
PINK FLOYD – Ibiza Bar  (1969 More OST)
SOFT MACHINE – the Soft Weed Factor  (1973 Six)
SPACE FARM – Waking Dream  (1972 Going Home to Eternity)
STRETCH – Why Did You Do It?  (1975 Elastique)
ERIC BURDON & WAR – Tobacco Road  (German TV footage, ca. 1970)
ERIC CLAPTON w/ CARLOS SANTANA – Eyesight to the Blind  (8/9/75 Frost Amphitheatre, Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA)
FLASH MOUNTAIN FLOOD – Midnight Moonlight  (9/9/18 Be On Key Psychedelic Ripple, Denver, CO)
MELVIN SPARKS – Give Me the Night  (10/16/04 Sully’s Pub, West Hartford, CT)
STEVE WINWOOD – Why Can’t We Live Together  (2017 Greatest Hits Live)
TIM MAIA – Nobody Can Live Forever  (1976 Tim Maia)
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