Proactive Chiropractic | 5 Ways to Avoid Neck Pain and Back Pain During the Holidays -

Whether you are sitting for long hours during holiday travel or deep in conversation around the table, hustling on your holiday business, or just playing with the kids, back pain and neck pain can really put a damper on the season. Here are some of our best tips to help keep your back and neck pain free. Before you head out on your holiday adventures, give Pro-Active Chiropractic’s office a call to schedule your chiropractic adjustment to start your holidays off right.

Practice Proper Posture

One of the simplest ways to prevent neck pain and back pain is with proper posture. Be mindful of your spine’s alignment by keeping your neck centered between your shoulders and, your shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles all in line with one another. Avoid slouching, leaning, slumping, and crossing your legs while sitting. Proper posture has more added benefits than just pain prevention. It also improves your overall mobility, increases circulation, and opens the lungs so you can take in more oxygen.

Engage Your Core Muscles

Your core muscles consist of the abdominal muscles, back muscles, hip muscles, and the gluts. These groups of muscles are what provide stabilization for your spine. You can strengthen your core muscles by practicing proper posture, stretching regularly, and doing low-impact exercises like walking and yoga every day. Focusing on engaging these muscles when you are moving, and even when you’re sitting, is the best way to prevent injury to your neck and back.

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