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Stretching is extremely beneficial for the body.  Through regular stretching, you can improve range of motion, posture, decrease muscle soreness, prevent injury, and even decrease pain. If you are experiencing back pain a natural inclination is to stretch to ease any discomfort you are feeling. But did you know that some of the most common stretches can cause more harm than good? Before you start a stretching routine to ease your back pain, become familiar with what stretches you should be doing and which ones to avoid, and give Pro-Active Chiropractic’s office a call to schedule your chiropractic adjustment. Together we can keep your body moving as it should, pain free and with ease.

Stretches to Avoid

If you are experiencing lower back pain, stretching can help ease your pain and even prevent further discomfort. But doing the wrong kind of stretches, stretches that focus on bending the spine can aggravate your symptoms further.

  • Toe Touches
  • Knees to Chest
  • Trunk Rotations

These stretches may temporarily ease lower back pain, but they put undue stress on the disks in your lumbar spine causing the pain to return or even become worse after a brief period of relief.

Good Stretches

Instead of focusing on stretches that bend and manipulate the spine, it is recommended to utilize stretches that focus on support muscles that help stabilize the spine.

The Cat Camel

This stretch relieves pain in the lower and mid-back by mobilizing the spine and strengthening the core muscles.

  • Start on your hands and knees, making sure that your knees are hip width apart, and that your hands and shoulders are in line with your knees.
  • With a deep breath in curl your belly button up toward your spine, like an arching cat, your chin should tuck in toward your chest, hold for three seconds.
  • Exhale letting your belly button sink back towards the floor, bringing your chin up, hold for three seconds.

When performing this stretch be aware to not push your spine to far up or down, this can put stress on your disks. Stop and hold when you feel a light stretch. An important thing to keep in mind is that this stretch is for mobility, not stamina. To get the most benefit out of it you only need to repeat the stretch six to eight times.

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