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localflavor magazine is read avidly by people interested in food, art, travel and entertainment. It’s a reader who takes “good taste” beyond the table and appreciates the local flavor and flair in the homes they live in, the clothes they wear, and the entertaining they love to do.

We have over 25,000 copies distributed at over 340 locations in Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Los Alamos, and Taos reaching an estimated 75,000 readers. We also have a strong base of subscribers – frequent visitors and second-home owners who like to keep their finger on the pulse of the local scene throughout the year. In addition, we also mail the issue directly to a select list of taste-makers nationwide.

localflavor magazine is published 10 times a year with each issue bringing a fresh focus across New Mexico. The editorial calendar starts in February with the “Valentine Treasures & Pleasures”; March/April covers “Shades of Green”, May looks at the “Farm and Ranch” communities, June covers “Vintage Albuquerque”, July details “High Season at the Opera”, August brings you “Everything under the Sun”, September gives complete coverage of “Wine and Chili Fiesta”, October features “The World of Design”, November is our “All-Recipe Issue” and of course our most popular December Issue is your “Unofficial Holiday Guide”.

Advertising in localflavor magazine makes business sense. Your ad looks better and stands out because our clean and sophisticated design reinforces the image you want to create. Please call Michelle Moreland at (505) 699-7369 for advertising information in the Santa Fe and Taos regions. Please contact Kimberly Giles at (505) 920-7572 for advertising information in the greater Albuquerque area and Santa Fe.

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Local Flavor Magazine

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