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TransitionsMedia is a network of affiliated writers, presenters, producers and advocates, aligned in the broadest sense to assist in the awakening of higher consciousness, in as many people as possible, as quickly as possible, through multi-media “edutainment.”

Through fostering a greater, more cohesive, awareness; providing transformational content and offering resources that support a better understanding of the unified field of “all that is,” we all seek to find a common ground of perception: This all to facilitate a more harmonious, joyful and abundant lifestyle for human beings, living more symbiotically with all life.

Transitions Radio Magazine (TRM) and its predecessor show, Cosmosis, represent one of the longest running radio and internet broadcast program combinations airing today. Now based out of Santa Fe and part of the Hutton Broadcasting family, TRM, “The Voice and Music of Presence,” reaches a local, regional and global audience. Hosted by founder Alan Hutner and co-hosted by Elizabeth Rose and Levi Ben-Shmuel, and now in its twenty-eighth year, TRM airs on 98.1 FM, Radio Free Santa Fe, Sunday mornings, 8 to 11 AM and live streams, with all shows archived and available 24/7 at

This team and invited participating writers will continue to provide content in ten primary subject areas that embrace the underlying principal of Transitions as the one constant we know: Everything is in motion; everything is in change – and we are part of that movement as co-creators in the field of “all that is.”
Primary Categories are:

  • Health & Wellness Alternatives
  • Ecology & The Environment
  • Relationships & Family
  • Personal Growth & Sacred Sexuality
  • New Psychology & Spirituality
  • Evolving Paradigms in Socially-Responsible Business, Politics & Government
  • Leading-Edge Perspectives On Science
  • Anthropology & World Culture
  • Technology & The Arts
  • Metaphysics and Other Mystical Phenomena

A while back your TRM co-hosts participated in a forum with other visionaries to address a dozen essential questions for our times. We invite you to join us as we move forward in seeking, writing about and creating multi-media forms that provide answers to these questions:

  •  Who am I?
  •  Why am I here – what is my personal purpose?
  • How can I love more and fear-less?
  • Why do we wage war?
  • Does peace really begin with me?
  • Is there a “disappearing middle class” and where are they going?
  • What is the truth about love (or for that matter anything else)?
  • What is the difference between belief and direct knowing?
  • How can I stay healthy in polarity and duality?
  • How does serving others serve me?
  • How do we facilitate an understanding of unity consciousness?
  • God, Spirit and The Divine; what’s next in these rapidly changing times?

For more information, to participate with us and/or to be a guest on TRM, contact Alan Hutner, 505.466.2616, email: