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Restaurant Martin Santa Fe New Mexico

Restaurant Martin is the dream of the infamous Chef Martin Rios, along with his wife, Jennifer, come to life. Now the culinary celebrities of Santa Fe work their way to provide residents as well as tourists first class service along with an ambiance that’s difficult to find elsewhere. Their excellence is not only cooking, but the plating and serving gives the customers a sense of importance that further elevates the position of the restaurant.

Why choose Restaurant Martin?

Unlike other luxury restaurants, Restaurant Martin has worked its way into creating an ambiance that is not only attractive, but also allows the customers to enjoy intimate conversations as well as delicious food which is cooked to perfection.  This restaurant offers a progressive American cuisine that serves the customers exemplary dishes made from innovative ingredients with great attention to detail in the presentation as well as the dish itself.

As for the style, this luxury restaurant of Santa Fe is designed with dim lighting and tables well spread out to allow the customers privacy from their neighbors. While some may prefer to choose this for a simple dinner with family or friends, others may even pick this as the perfect spot for business meetings.

Good menu, great food!

An excellent ambiance counts for nothing if the food is not up to mark, which is why, in the case of Restaurant Martin, the expertness of the chef and owner is easily visible in the food they serve. All the way from Lunch to Dinner, even for brunches, this restaurant makes sure it’s customers get a taste of perfection in every bite. It doesn’t even matter what their choice of food is because their vast variety takes care of everything from seafood to fresh poultry to even addressing the vegetarian appetite by using fresh, hand-picked vegetables. Moving on to the dessert, whether the customers are chocoholics or in the mood for ice creams, Restaurant Martin offers a range of different desserts that really have the palates burst to life!

However, it’s not just the menu that makes this restaurant so popular amongst critics, it’s also their wine list which perfectly corresponds to the dishes that catches the attention. Restaurant Martin’s wide ranges of wines are carefully selected to perfectly compliment the dishes that are offered. Not only does it enhance the taste of the food, but it also amplifies the overall experience.

Restaurant Martin pays careful attention to providing their customers with not only good food but an ambiance to match it. It’s no wonder that tourists and residents of Santa Fe prefer this progressive restaurant above any other which try to reach up to their mark of perfectionism. Whether the customers prefer an indoor setting or an outdoor patio, the restaurant is designed to speak of elegance and perfection no matter what the choice.

This article was posted by Cheryl Fallstead

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