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Steakhouse in Santa Fe: Rio Chama

Just outside of Santa Fe, at its historical center named Barrio de Analco, is a restaurant named Rio Chama that offers some of the best steaks in town! This steakhouse is built especially for visitors and residents alike as a place to relax, unwind, and enjoy a delicious meal in a Southwestern themed restaurant.

Just the food?

Rio Chama Steakhouse provides an ambiance which caters to customers that are interested in fine dining as well as casual steak dinners to satisfy their cravings. But that’s not all that this steakhouse is famous for; it also caters to private parties and hosts weddings, rehearsal dinners and several events in different rooms as per satisfaction. This beautiful Southwestern styled restaurant is keen on maintaining its image as being amongst the most prestigious steakhouses of the city.

The staff is well trained to make every customer their top most priority and so aim to provide excellent service to go with the food and ambiance. But that’s not all that Rio Chama Steakhouse has to offer. Amongst other things, they are popularly known for their excellent bar, intimate dining rooms, as well as the attractive patios to further enhance the effect of relaxation.

Just the Steak?

Being a steakhouse, Rio Chama Steakhouse is commonly mistaken to be believed that steak is the only dish that is usually served here. While it may be one of the top dishes, there is more to this restaurant than just steaks. Understanding the need for variety, the Rio Chama Steakhouse caters to several different choices ranging from poultry and seafood to even vegan diets. Being open for lunch, dinner and even brunches, Rio Chama make sure they keep up their promise of providing the best tasting foods at all times.

What about the drinks?

The Rio Chama Steakhouse bar offers a wide variety of drinks to quench the thirst while enjoying an exquisite meal. Not only that, their list of cocktails and margaritas, all the way to beers as well only help to enhance the flavor, further elevating the experience all together.

…And the dessert?

Of course, whoever is a dessert fanatic can understand the struggle of not having a good dessert to end a delicious meal; it can completely destroy the vibe! However, that is not an issue at the Rio Chama Steakhouse since their desserts taste just as good, if not better, than the main course. Ranging from cheese cakes to crème brulees and tarts, Rio Chama makes sure they pay just as much attention to dessert as any other part of the meal. They are to die for!

Rio Chama Steakhouse not only excels at steaks but also provides a taste of a wide range of other first class dishes making it amongst the most well known steakhouses in town. It requires a reservation to keep a check on its crowd and further maintain the ambiance. So the next time you’re in town, don’t forget to book a reservation and drop by to give your taste buds something to remember!

This article was posted by Cheryl Fallstead

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