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Pizza Restaurants in Santa Fe: Rooftop Pizzeria

Santa Fe, New Mexico is known for many things; the history, the tours, the dining but amongst all, one of its most beloved restaurants is none other than a pizza restaurant. It may not sound like much but Rooftop Pizzeria really takes ‘pizza parlor’ up a notch and provides the residents and visitors of Santa Fe something fantastic to look forward to, as if just a simple pizza parlor wasn’t enough! Located downtown on the top of the Santa Fe arcade, this restaurant faces right out to the water front and displays the true beauty of Santa Fe.

Rooftop Pizzeria

Rooftop Pizzeria is one of the most loved restaurants of Santa Fe. It’s built to give the customers a place to relax and enjoy an appetizing meal along with an excellent range of drinks and beverages. The pizzeria has really worked its way into providing the customers with a modern ambiance that speaks of style and sophistication in decor and design. It also has an outdoor patio that opens up to a spacious area which looks out towards the waterfront and perfectly depicts the life of Santa Fe, New Mexico. The seats are sufficiently apart, allowing the place to be congestion free, as well as promoting private conversations amongst the customers.

Pizzas and Pastas!

Rooftop Pizzeria has dedicated itself into being a strictly Italian restaurant and offers the best tasting pizzas as well as pastas. The best part about this restaurant is how it offers a choice of gluten free and vegan options as well, something that is not very common amongst the pizzerias of Santa Fe. These scrumptious meals can even be built from scratch according to the customer’s choice from their “Build your own” section of the menu.

What else do they offer?

Looking after their customer’s needs, Rooftop Pizzeria also offer salads and Italian appetizers that comprise of Bruschetta, risotto and even garlic breads amongst a variety of other dishes. But that’s not the only thing to look forward to with Rooftop Pizzeria, they also have a wide range of drinks and beverages that allows the customers to choose according to their satisfaction. These carefully selected drinks constitute of a large portion of the menu dedicated to wines, beers and other beverages as well. Not only do they give the customers the privilege of choosing but each item on the list is carefully selected to compliment the taste of the dishes as well.

Rooftop Pizzeria ensures great service along with excellent food and ambiance that not only enhances the experience, but gives the tourists a taste of what it‘s like to live in a city like Santa Fe. With a promise and commitment to perfection in every bite, the pizzeria dedicates itself to bring the taste of Italy to life by introducing its flavors to the natives, as well as visitors of Santa Fe.

This article was posted by Cheryl Fallstead

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